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Sacred Divine Geometry



This class teaches you the 3 Sacred Geometric Keys to Heaven.



 In this Divine Geometry Class we will  inscribe the Sacred geometric Keys into your Aura, (body, mind, soul and spirit). You will be taught to energetically activate a room using the Sacred geometries. You will learn to convert a room into a temple, and apply Sacred Geometry to your daily life. 

Ø      Connect your mind with the Holy Spirit.


Ø      Mesh Sacred Geometry  with the four elements to enable all of your physical  creations to be imbued with the Devine Energy.


Ø      Learn to Activate a room  with Sacred Geometry.


Ø      Learn to convert a room to a Sacred  Temple.


Ø      Learn to apply sacred geometry  in daily life , for example, in cooking, travel,  writing etc.…

(Sacred Devine Geometry is a prerequisite for the Teacher Initiation.)


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